The first worship session was in December 2008, and since that time we have held countless worship sessions in many diverse places, and each is always different. We have also been privileged to be initiators of the first ever worship session where we have ministered, and to know that God has used us to begin a new work in His people has been re-affirming to us as a team. Worship sessions allow people to meet with God and glorify Him as the loving Father ministers into each heart that is open to Him. They may be held in schools, in churches, for youth groups, for organisations, at homes, or anywhere, as we are led or invited.

Sessions aim to draw people into God’s presence primarily using song and dance, as led by the Holy Spirit; our aim is to invite and encourage people to fully connect with the Lord. We love music, and our sessions flow with many types of music … from beloved, familiar songs, to which everyone knows the words by heart … introducing new songs, with wonderfully penned lines that touch the heart and pierce the soul … using loud, sometimes crazy tunes with a fast beat, encouraging clapping and swaying and sometimes shouting … then those with a slower melody, inviting reflection and contemplation … combining songs with tongue-twisting lyrics in local languages, from all over Africa … and in English, with sweet phrases to our ears … repeating a simple one line chorus, over and over, so we can fully concentrate on the simple truth it may be stating about God … or enjoying a long, wordy song, with all its verses, chorus and its climactic bridge (perhaps, it has been said, often the best part of the song) …. hymns written years ago, with the Thees and Thous … songs of today, with quirky lyrics and modern phrases … songs with a beat that encourage people to jive, dance, or jump … songs with a stunning melody that simply bid people to sit, be still, and just listen for a while.  Sessions are about enabling every person who attends to declare praise to God, as individuals, but also as a body of believers, all hearts focused on the Lord Jesus. 

We worship God in humble submission as His children, knowing that Our Creator hears, desires and accepts our worship, gratefully acknowledging that as we spend time in His presence, we are convicted, refreshed, encouraged or directed, according to the will of our Father in Heaven.

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God - this is your spiritual act of worship. 

(Romans 12:1)

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