“Studio” from the inferred Greek, so said someone apparently wise, can be loosely translated as “family”. The first I heard of that got me between a “hmmm, really” and a “no he didn’t”, seeing it was being told by a pal, (who I from now will address with his rightful moniker, papa) whose aptitude for languages was a baby to that for his instruments. To put it flat, he prob’ly had no idea what he was saying. Months later, I get to see what Studio 10 was all about, a group of people meeting to give their very best of talents in worship to God. And I am not saying it was/is a reserve for those with the best of talents, putting it in perspective, everyone who turned up for a worship session came ready to give their all…but how does it usually start?

1. Are You Going for Studio? It could be a Friday evening, Saturday afternoon or Sunday lunch break, any one could buzz you and on picking up, all you are asked with a heightened buzz in the background is “Are you coming for Studio?” That is not supposed to mean anything else, it is not supposed to mean some recording is ensue at a random site, it means it is time for a worship session, a Studio 10 worship session. And for me, the first I was to get of such an invite was at the age of 13. It was a Christmas carol concert, or so I thought. I was to stand corrected. Sunday December 20th 2009, was one of my first best worship experiences (with a Christmas theme) of the hundreds to come. Seven years later, I still get the jibbers receiving the call with the million dollar question; “Are you going for Studio?” which brings me to…

2. Of course, where at? The other upside of Studio 10 is the spontaneity that it so comes with. It is certain every gathering of Studio 10 members has worship involved. However, there is no dogmatic script to the arrangement; it would be a worship session at a church, or in a home, or yes, in a swimming pool! Besides, Christ said that He’d come that we may have life to its fullest, (John 10: 10) and learning to “walk on water is not a bad place to start! Sometimes our “worship” takes us to places where we ought to give back to God’s people. When the disadvantaged need a hand, empty or not, ours is to give it. When a deaf child needs a smile, a handicap needs a hug, we are there, we make it our act of worship to give joy to them, and that’s just the start… (Meki’s picture at School of the Blind would do) And when you would think we are a weekend bunch with drab weekdays, Studio 10 brings life to Monday’s with Bible study, and it is not your average lecture class with a tinge of Sunday School, it is a free discussion with laugh and soul to it, something that redefines bible “sharing”, who said feeding on the word should be like eating your dreaded veggies? Oh, and did I mention there’s the part of worship that involves eating, Studio 10 does not miss that… as I said, spontaneity is our style, a worship session could be crowned with pork (feel free to cancel that if it is found offensive) steak or for the less meaty, Ethiopian “Njera”. Well, all in all, isn’t nourishing our physical bodies, bodies which our good Lord created, an act of worship?

3. True, so how do I get in? Worship, like air, is everyone’s intrinsic right, taking it in, however, is by choice. So as Studio 10, everyone’s invited to come witness and be part of the worship. As you may have noticed, we probably have our hands full with weekly back to back activities but the beauty is, even then, there is always, there will always be room for more. So take this online message as the jittering invite, “Are you coming for Studio?”

Written by Joesph Lagen

As the son of a preacher’s daughter, I’ve been in church all my life. My perspective of worship was pretty narrow for the majority of my life; however, as hymns dominated Sunday morning worship at the church I attended. As I’ve grown older, I’ve discovered how wonderful worshiping our incredible God is through the upbeat contemporary music and the powerful hymns. I’m not sure there’s anything I’d rather do and I look forward to doing it without distraction for eternity some day. 

I currently stay with eight children (previous street children) who share this passion for communication with our Creator. Praise and worship is our favorite thing to do together and STUDiO_10 has been such a blessing in providing opportunities for this. I’ve attended many worship events in my 12 years as a believer and I haven’t found many environments as conducive for worship as the one STUDiO_10 provides. Francis and his team manage to provide worship in wonderful quality without the flashy “look at me feeling” like a performance or concert. I look forward to worshiping with STUDiO_10 in the future as we all grow in our relationship with the Lord.  


Karli Elsrod- Singer- Studio 10

I was born and raised in Indiana, USA where my parents, sisters, nephew and extended family still live. My nephew is three and a half years old and such a joy in our family. When home, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I have been playing guitar for 7 years and singing in front of people since I was a toddler! I’ve never needed a microphone or stage to let my voice be heard. My sister and I would sing on the school bus for our teammates on the way home from games, around the house, and even at sport events. Music has always been a part of my life and I am thankful to God for the gift of song.

In August of 2009, I moved to Kampala, Uganda to teach physical education, health and swimming at Heritage International School. My first time visiting Uganda was in May of 2008. I came to Uganda with a group from Anderson University, where I was attending school. I fell in love with the country and felt God calling me back. This is my second year of serving the Lord in Uganda. At the conclusion of the 2011-2012 school year, I intend to move back to Indiana to teach. I am unsure of my plans, but feel I may be ministering overseas again.

I have been involved with STUDIO_10 for the past two years. I work with Francis, who introduced me to the group and invited me to sing with them. Through STUDIO_10, I have an outlet of sharing my love for music and Jesus. I am passionate for worship through song and expressing my love for Christ. Not only is STUDIO_10 a ministry to me, but a ministry for those who join in the worship evenings.


Myworldwith music started the day I met him. In His presence, I found peace and every day the sound of music we call worship fills my heart with the gifts of the spirit. TheSTUDIO_10family with dreams one day music will bring generations to together“Raising Generational Worshippers”.

When you cry, who do you cry with? When you’re sad, who knows what’s wrong? When you need to be understood, who’s there to listen? So many questions to be asked but when you turn around to worship everything turns to a smile. Get lost in him while you sing, dance, cry and so many other ways you can worship.  My experience withStudio_10has brought a turn in my life with worship making me a new and better person.

I'm currently studying Video Production in India and very anxious to finish and get back to Uganda to use my new skills to bless the studio family.


I was first introduced to STUDIO_10 during my time at Heritage International School. I was given the opportunity to participate in two of the Worship Evenings held at the school and came away from those experiences with joy and gratitude. I have also enjoyed several more worship events held by STUDIO_10 where I was led into true worship of Christ. I appreciate so many things about the way these events are structured. While so many other events are marked differently, it is evident for all to see that these events are led in humility for the sole purpose of bringing God glory. Despite being greatly blessed and talented, the musicians and singers show the mark of humility. Additionally, the songs chosen are conducive for good worship because the lyrics speak the truth of the Gospel. 

I have been, and hope to continue to be extremely blessed by the members of STUDIO_10. God is actively at work in their lives and they have joyously shared their faith with me. I could have been dismissed as a stranger, but am able to say that I've been welcomed as a sister and a friend. I have been so welcomed into the family at STUDIO_10 that it sometimes feels as if I've been adopted. I couldn't wish for a lovelier family. I pray that God grows the Studio and continues to pour out His spirit upon the members for His continued glory. 


We worship God in humble submission as His children, knowing that Our Creator hears, desires and accepts our worship, gratefully acknowledging that as we spend time in His presence, we are convicted, refreshed, encouraged or directed, according to the will of our Father in Heaven.

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God - this is your spiritual act of worship. 

(Romans 12:1)

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